Professors Find Their 'Rate My Professors' Reviews, Lament Lack Of Chili Peppers

Reading other people's reviews of you can be both frightening and enlightening.

Several professors at the University of Alabama recently experienced a range of emotions while reading student reviews about their own teaching techniques, homework assignments and exam styles. Their reactions to the posts were uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 2. by The Crimson White, the school's student news organization.

Despite an abundance of highly critical reviews, several professors seem preoccupied by their "chili pepper" rankings, which signify a teacher's attractiveness.

"My biggest complaint is out of 19 [reviews] I have no hotness [ranking]," Dr. Hubner, a professor of engineering, says.

Dr. Bragg, a journalism professor, encounters a similar dearth in "hotness" reviews.

"I don't think I have any chili peppers. I don't know. Is this where you get chili peppers?" she says, adding later, "So, students, chili peppers. What's the deal there?"

Brains before beauty, professors.

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