Profile: Brandon Colker - Returning to the Scene of the Crash

Brandon Colker has fifteen years experience in the home loan industry. He quickly transitioned from an industry veteran to an entrepreneur of successful startup projects as necessitated by the crash of 2007. But as many Americans experienced, the crash of carried on long beyond. Brandon is amongst those who are finally seeing recovery in the industry they once loved and can return from the entrepreneurial scene they were forced into and explore the real estate and mortgage industry again.

I asked him about his decision of jumping back into the profession.

What's your ideal new position?

"I'm looking to manage a small lending division of an established ethical broker in the CA mortgage market. That's where my experience would be best suited."


What sparked your interest to re-pursue this path?
"I was contacted by an old business relationship who encouraged me to follow this path. I had previously co-owned a large brokerage and banking operation,
so I consider I have the fundamental skills to duplicate another successful venture."

What drives you to continue?
"Family and creating a successful and enjoyable work environment for the people I work with."

Having experienced the crash what reassures you to venture for new success?

"As I mentioned, I have done this before on a much larger scale and have been tremendously successful. Although the market is slightly different as we speak, the fundamentals of building a successful branch is still very much the same."

To which, of course, I suggest the fundamentals of hiring the right people, the first time and every time, from book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret.

Adventuring back on this path is inspirational. What's your view of the impact of doing so?
"The world will still be the same. (Laughing.) My little branch will give jobs to quality, ethical professionals and will support several families."

Is there a compelling story that just has to be told?
"Just starting from the ground up. No real story other than I'm eager to be successful after being away from the industry so long. This time around I will focus on building and managing a small team as opposed to broad sales work with less hands-on control."

Brandon Colker is not alone in his quest; but his story and that of the many others carefully exploring a return to past success is really, more often than not, the landscape of America today.

Interview by David Jensen for The Huffington Post

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