Project for the New American Century 2: Rise of the Dopes

If enough people agree with an idea regardless of its patent falseness even when checked against irrefutable truth, the falseness becomes -- POOF! -- the "truth"
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What a decade it's been!

Having had our collective IQ sufficiently lowered to enable the election of a slew of undereducated, incurious, underachieving neo-Republican apparatchiks, whose sole aim is to prove "government is bad" by sucking at their jobs (and at lobbyists' teats), finally reaching the pinnacle of pinheadedness with the placement of George W. Bush in the highest office in the land, we are now hearing the thud of all the swollen, low hanging fruit borne from the sowing of so many bad seeds smashing on the ground at our feet.

The rampaging wrath of the idiocracy from the still reverberating crypto-fascism of Cheney through the stultifyingly incendiary narcissism of Sarah "Duh?" Palin to all the physiognomically challenged scribes and screechers from O'Reilly to Levin to Malkin to Goebbels (oh, he's still got an office somewhere), it is a bumper crop of cranial crap, calcifying around intellectualism like so much scum around a bath tap.

Oh, and guess what? You think what I'm saying is bad? You should hear what your representatives say about you when they get their talking points memos. Would you be shocked to find that they regard you with even more contempt than the cranky, commie, liberal twerps do and that they have less sympathy for you (if they have any at all)? They love your unflinching loyalty to the idea of "conservative values" and the fact that "you lost" because that makes you more vulnerable, more malleable. Your anger is their strength. And they think they're better than you. They laugh at you. Call you names. Yep. They do.

Do the words I just said make you mad at me? You should be mad at yourselves. You know why?


You. Your heart and faith and guts...and smarts...helped stop the world from falling into the hands of TRUE fascism, of REAL government control, of ACTUAL death panels. Your pride and sense and unalterable courage SAVED THE WORLD! You trained hard, you fought hard, you tasted what the world would mean without freedom. You had humility. You valued education. You knew what it was like to work. To band together. To believe in your country. And you won.

And now look what's happened. A glut of angry, displaced, power-mongers streaming a glut of backward ideas that a once intelligent, discerning people now swallow hook, line, sinker and row boat. And, in an unintentional example of liberal existentialism (and a favorite theme of that voile, treasonous Noam Chomsky, to boot!) if enough people agree with an idea regardless of its patent falseness even when checked against irrefutable truth, the falseness becomes -- POOF! -- the "truth" and by golly, that's good enough fer the angry, vulnerable, malleable mob.

Am I an elitist snob? Yep. I am. An elitist snob for Smarts. Forget diamonds and pearls and penis-cars. Gimme brains every time.

And for those who may bristle (that means "get pissed off") at my sentiments ("what I said") then by all means continue on your path of blind self-destruction. Bring guns to health care town halls and by doing so shoot yourselves in the foot. Make references to Nazism. Continue to believe the guys who tell you Obama will kill granny and that the health care you have right now is just fine while they get paid by the health care and pharmaceutical industries. Believe the propagandists who hate that their days as profiteers are almost at an end. Continue to spout their lies and engage in divisive tactics that they label as patriotic but are really idiotic.

Keep going. Breed down. Please. The rest of us are smart enough to wait.

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