Project Manager That's State of the Art

A project manager must keep a focus on practicality, no matter if he/she plans, manages or reports. The complexity and inter-connectedness of today's organizations requires a new thinking about problem solving and how humans will interact with technology. Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' can provide a good foundation for managing a project in order to understand all human biases and for the realization that their influence in decision-making can have significant consequences which is largely ignored in the context of day-to-day banking.

Can we access new insights from a combination of Kahneman's concept of Cognitive Ease with Edward de Bono's approach of Lateral Thinking when searching for solutions in complex environments. Both fields contribute to a reduction of complexity and to focus one's energy on the relevant subjects, which facilitates the prioritization of important tasks in a given situation.


People's thinking patterns have enormous power in their lives. Thinking habits are processes with underlying patterns that are unique and which are followed when making a decision. People's behavior is based on their habits of thinking. If these habits change, the results of their actions will also change. It is the same with organizations where the same rules apply. The process of making decisions contributed to the way of how organizations are managed today. If we change some of the process patterns in organizations, we will also achieve a change in culture.