Project Oatmeal Revisited: Feeding NYC's Hungry

Last year I wrote about a remarkable program that feeds the hungry of NYC. Project Oatmeal is still growing strong and offers one of the most direct and immediate ways to help those less fortunate.

As reported in a recent issue of the New York Times, more Americans are suffering from hunger than at any reported time. New York's hungry are now estimated at over 4 million.

Noah Lukeman founder of Project Oatmeal, says, "the hunger situation in New York City is dire." Oatmeal continues to be one of the most needed foods. For just 17 cents per meal, you can fund high quality oatmeal for those who need it most. It is inexpensive, highly nutritious and light to transport. This food it has a long shelf life, it lowers cholesterol, it is a breakfast food, and it is desirable for all stratums of society, from children to the elderly.

Project Oatmeal has just entered into a new partnership with The Food Bank for New York City. Going forward, the Food Bank will distribute oatmeal to their network of 1,000 food agencies throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City. They have generously agreed to waive all overhead and 100% of donated funds will go directly to the purchase of oatmeal.

Additionally, Sturm Foods in Wisconsin has agreed to sell oatmeal at the lowest price in the nation for that quality oatmeal. Every donated dollar will now go even further.

With your help, over the last two years Project Oatmeal has raised over $74,000 and purchased over 450,000 meals of oatmeal. In this time of economic crisis, this project is a shining source of hope for those who are in need.

If you are interested in donating, helping or to watch video or browse photos please contact