Project To End Puppy Mills Creates Wave Of Action Across The US And Canada

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Rudi Taylor

“It’s been only one week since the project was launched and it’s already created a wave of action across the US and Canada. People are listening, they love dogs and they care; they don’t want to see them suffering in cages in puppy mills just to produce puppies for pet stores.” -Dan Taylor

We found that attempts to fight the puppy mill industry at the top are usually squelched by large, powerful companies and organizations that oppose puppy mill legislation. It’s a very difficult and daunting endeavor. WE BELIEVE that a grassroots approach by large masses of concerned citizens will be much more effective. So with that in mind, we’ve created Harley’s Puppy Mill Action & Awareness Project.

One of the greatest aspects of this project is that it IS for everyone. This is something that we can do together. We can all be Harley’s Heroes and we can bring an end to the cruel commercial dog breeding industry.

Please take a moment and read about the project and consider creating a group in your community or join an existing group. There is no limit to the number of groups that can be in any one area – remember … the more groups, the more impact!

Join the movement! We want to educate, we want our country to take notice, we want to inspire the humane treatment of animals worldwide. Become one of Harley’s Heroes! WE CAN DO THIS!

See the list of Harley’s Heroes action groups that have formed across the US and Canada in the past week.

Harley's Heroes action groups are forming all over the USA and Canada.
Harley's Heroes action groups are forming all over the USA and Canada.
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