Poets Help Give Underfunded Schools A Voice With Spoken Word Workshops

A team of young poets is bringing spoken word to kids that deserve a voice.

Project Voice -- a team of educators and writers -- performs spoken word to encourage literacy and creative expression among young students. In celebration of National Poetry Month, which takes place annually throughout April, the group launched a scholarship fund to bring their art to schools with few resources for the arts.

“One of our highest priorities as educators is to be as inclusive as possible,” the group wrote on its website. “A challenge we have come up against is the difficulty of visiting schools that don’t have funding for the arts. So we have decided to try and address the issue head-on.”

When the group visits schools, they perform for students and then hold workshops to teach them how to create their own spoken word. Project Voice aims to teach students to “use spoken word poetry as an instrument through which they can explore and better understand their community, their society and ultimately themselves.”

This scholarship will help fund these interactive lessons with the intention of sparking creative thought and expression for students.

Donations can be made to the Project VOICE scholarship fund here.



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