'Project X': Movie Brands Itself As 'Party Film For A New Generation'

We all know the teen-movie formula: nerdy but awesome guy who wants the pretty, popular girl, a huge house party attended by entire senior class, poolside shenanigans, and suspiciously absent parents. They're the movies we've all come to know and love (or love to hate). But the classic teen movie supposedly gets turned on its head with Project X, a new film that's surrounded with hype thanks to an extensive social media campaign that's marketing the film as a teen movie like no other.

So what is the movie? Producer Todd Philips (the brains behind "Old School" and "The Hangover") and new director Nima Nourzadeh came together to create what they're branding "a party film for a new generation." Using found-footage techniques and over 1,500 actors, this modern-day Revenge of the Nerds tells the story of a massive party through by a group of uncool kids that gets totally out of hand.

"I wanted to be cool for one night," says 17-year-old Thomas, the film's antihero. All Thomas wants for his birthday is to get the girls who never noticed him to think he's awesome, and of course, throwing the rager to end all ragers is how he's going to do it. The party gets predictably out of control and utter mayhem ensues.

And many parents are arguing that the film itself -- which makes Superbad look like Sunday school -- crosses a line, as well. According to CNN.com, parents with teenagers may regard the film with a "mixture of dread and terror."

Despite the hype, early reviewers are saying that ultimately it's just another teen movie, and a rather tasteless one at that. But don't take their word for it: Project X hit theatres today.

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