Pro-Life Site Takes The Onion For A Serious Publication

Many of you might have already seen this. It's a pro-life website taking an article from the Onion seriously.

When referring to the killing of her child she said: "I am totally psyched for this abortion".

What's most interesting is that this post went up six days ago and there are nearly 1,000 comments pointing out that the Onion is a satirical paper. Anyone else would have been embarrassed and taken the post down, except the blogger has no shame. Similar to the Bush administration that keeps insisting we are winning in Iraq rather than admit we invaded a country for weapons that don't exist and are currently occupying that country and we don't know how to get out. The administration, and the blogger, continue to make the original mistake worse by refusing to recognize the error for what it was.

Six days later "Pete" is still defending his original post in three subsequent posts. It's Rumsfeld on a smaller, funnier scale.

Anyway, check out the blog titled Murder Without Conscience for conservative wisdom at its finest.