Prom Season Is Coming: My Perfect Prom Playlist

Prom season is quickly approaching and thus it shall commence the endless daydreams of teenagers all across America. Many high schools have their proms typically around April or May. Why is it that this overly hyped tradition creates such a magical feeling in many teenagers' thought bubbles? Films, television shows and books are all to blame for giving teens such high hopes of a perfect prom. Quite frankly, it's beginning to annoy me. A prom where everything falls into place, the boy or girl of your dreams confesses their long secret devotion for you, the feeling of utter weightlessness while you dance and your last encounter at young love will probably not happen. Think of me as a Debbie Downer in a Tracyanne Campbell sort of way.

Just face it: Your prom probably won't be like the one in Pretty in Pink, The Virgin Suicides or even Mean Girls. Also, please do not get me started on the prom scene in Model Behavior, which somehow gives off the notion that you might have a famous twin somewhere in the world and that you will somehow trade places with said twin so that Justin Timberlake can take you to prom. Who comes up with this stuff? Anyways, just trust me, you will still have an amazing time even if it isn't like how you thought it would have been.

You should also thank your prom's DJ for his incredible song variety though. The excessive Lil Wayne playlist isn't very necessary because at this rate, chances are your date will not have his or her hands around your waist anytime soon. Times are changing and so are traditions, slow dancing and gazing hypnotically into your first love's eyes are a thing of the past (well at least in my school district). I sincerely hope twerking on your date is not the new norm. I've always been distant from school events because I already have a good time doing the things I normally do. Like most of my friends, I would rather just spend my evenings at Amoeba, an art museum or at some show than at a school dance.

I do have a passion for music, which is the only reason why I find a faint glimmer of interest in the concept of prom. That being said, I concocted a prom playlist of songs I personally would have played at my prom when it came time for the slow dance. Some of these songs might sound cliché but guilty pleasure songs can make for an amazing slow dance with your date!

P.S. If you already had your prom and it sucked, you can always look forward to your high school reunion. If you want to get your hopes up for an awesome high school reunion, please watch Romy & Michele's High School Reunion about 20 times. If you want a realistic take on your future high school reunion, please watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's take on it. It's perfect although try not to take my word on it since I obviously have yet to experience a high school reunion.