'Prometheus' Secrets: Noomi Rapace Compares Alien Creature To Nightmare

"Prometheus" secrets are getting easier and easier to learn.

The cloak-and-dagger marketing campaign has seemingly ditched the cloak in recent weeks, from screenwriter Damon Lindelof confirming that "Prometheus" takes place in the "Alien" universe to a ridiculously spoiler-y new television spot.

About that clip -- which you can watch above, should you desire to get more "Prometheus" information before seeing it in theaters on June 8: it features star Noomi Rapace put in a very uncomfortable position, courtesy of something crawling through her something.

The creature is “every woman’s worst nightmare,” Rapace tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new cover story on director Ridley Scott. According to THR, the monster "takes on at least four different forms as it grows and changes, sometimes 'organically.'"

"Prometheus" was recently rated "R" for some strong sci-fi violence.

For more on Scott, including his feelings about not directing the "Alien" sequel, "Aliens," head over to THR.com.

[via THR]

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