How To Plan The Perfect Promposal, According To The Internet

1. Get creative with your outfit. Gold shorts > jeans.

2. When choosing location, incorporate your surroundings and natural resources.


3. Or maybe asking during school is more your thing. There are plenty of ways to go that route...

4. Gather your most talented friends. Like ones with sick dance moves…

5. ...Or awesome a cappella abilities.

6. But then again, if you’re the one with the angelic vocal chords, who needs backup?

7. If you can’t sing, don't fret. There other ways to use your words.

8. Pick a theme. (It doesn’t even have to make sense. I.e.: Some dudes “giving birth” to another guy? LOL but… wut?)

Pro tip: You can't go wrong with Disney.

9. Always remember the key to everyones’ heart: food.

10. If there's no one at school you want to ask, think outside of the box -- celebrities are not off limits (sometimes they respond!).

11. Consider your potential date's personal interests, like gaming...

Or art...

(Get it.. Van Gogh?! It's an ear!)

Or sailing...

12. Use adorable children to help you. (Who would say no to a kid?)

13. Or ya know, a cat.

'Cause seriously...