Promposal Stories: Connecticut Teen Asks Girlfriend To Prom With Snow Sculpture

A Snowy, Valentine's Day Promposal!

Last week’s historic Northeast snowstorm wasn’t a total bust for everyone affected by the blizzard. The snow came in handy for one high school senior in Connecticut who decided to use the weather as a romantic way to ask his girlfriend to her senior prom.

NBC Connecticut reports that Stephanie Samuelson from Granby woke up on Valentine’s Day morning to a 5-foot sculpture that read, “PROM?” (Scroll down for more photos.)

Samuelson’s boyfriend, Dan, started building the snow sculpture around midnight on Thursday with help from her brother, Jamie. They worked all into the night, only taking a coffee break at 5:30 in the morning.

While this is one of the more creative promposals we’ve seen so far this year, teens have a history of turning the simple question of prom into fun, elaborate affairs.

Last year one teen blind folded his girlfriend and decorated his high school hallway, complete with 1,500 pink balloons and a handmade sign that read, "Tina, will you go to prom with me?" The adorable encounter can be found on YouTube.

Other creative promposals from last year include a Backstreet Boys serenade, a request over the athletic field loudspeaker and even an original song performed in the middle of class. Click here to check out a roundup of 10 of our favorites from YouTube.

What's the most creative promposal you've seen at your school? Sound off in the comments or tweet @huffpostteen!

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