Two Teenage Girls With Down Syndrome, Amber House And Taryn Mains, Get The Prom Night Of Their Dreams

Fairy Tale Proms For Two Teens With Down Syndrome

The prom is a high school tradition that most teenage girls spend months dreaming of.

But for 18-year-old Amber House of Houston, Texas, it seemed more like an unreachable fantasy.

Amber has Down Syndrome -- and though her parents say she's never had a problem making friends, they were concerned that she would have difficulty finding a date, ABC News reports.

Wanting her child to have a chance to partake in one of the milestones of adolescence, Amber's mom, Peggy, started campaigning for a prom date for her daughter a few months ago.

In the end, Peggy's efforts were all for naught, KHOU 11 News reports.

Amber already had a date -- she just didn't know it.

"I asked her if she would come to prom with me," 16-year-old Matt Gill told ABC News, adding that Amber -- who he had met at choir practices -- had long been his first choice.

"She's awesome, she's a fun person and it's great to hang out with her," Matt said.

When Peggy heard the news, she was amazed.

"I started crying," she told KHOU 11 News. "I’m just so proud of the young man who would step up and take her. And that she’s able to do this and have this experience with all her friends."

But Amber isn't the only special needs teen who had a memorable prom night. Meet Taryn Mains from Mason County, Ky.

Like Amber, Taryn did not think she would have a date to the prom. The high school senior also has Down Syndrome, Lex 18 News reports.

But not only did Taryn get the surprise of her dreams when her very own Prince Charming surprised her at the event, but she was also elected Prom Queen.

Last year, when Taryn had asked Treg Setty -- a 6'9" senior and basketball player -- to escort her to the prom, he had surprised her with a resounding 'yes'.

But with Treg away playing basketball at Southern Illinois University this year, Taryn expected to be attending the prom without a date.

To her amazement, Treg was waiting for her when she arrived.

"If there's anything I want people to get out of this is to be there for people who need you to be there," Treg told Lex 18 News.

Taryn was also given a second surprise that night -- she was elected prom queen.

"She inspires me to be a better person. That's why I wanted to do it for her," said senior Samantha Kieper, one of a group of students that had lobbied hard to get Taryn recognized.

Watch the Lex 18 video about Taryn's perfect prom below.

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