Calvin Harris Has Been Living His Best Life Since Splitting With Taylor Swift

While everybody's watching her, he's looking at someone else.

As the world contemplates just what country Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston will dominate visit next, Calvin Harris appears to be adjusting to single life just fine. 

Nearly a month after announcing his split with Swift, the Scottish DJ has posted an image to Snapchat from his yacht vacation with a bevy of beautiful girls and a few guy pals. Surrounded by four women with the caption "I write songs," Harris looks like the happiest man alive:

T-Swift, are you seeing this?
T-Swift, are you seeing this?

Last week, Harris reportedly went on an Instagram commenting spree about his breakup with the "Style" singer. Comments that he may or may not have posted himself stated Harris felt "free" after the couple's split, and revealed something we all secretly suspected -- Taylor Swift controls the media:

Guess that explains all those staged lovely Hiddleswift photos at the Colosseum



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