Proof That Pets (Of All Kinds!) Make The Very Best Wedding Guests

Because all of your best friends should be there.

Who says your fur (or feather) baby shouldn't get an invite to your wedding, too? The latest issue of New York Weddings features couples who let their pets crash the party. Check them out below.

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Tracey Buyce
"We've had Nugget since she was a chick. For our pre-wedding photos, I had her nestled in my arms, but she started waving her wings around. I think she was pissed that we were using her as a chicken bouquet. We both got drawings of her tattooed on our wrists last fall." -- Eliza & Zack Clark-Whedon, who married September 2, 2012 at a family farm in Howes Cave, New York
Heather Phelps Lipton
"Our neighbor brought Gio over to Prospect Park for our cocktail hour, and I think he was really excited to be included in the wedding. He sees himself as a member of the family, and we see him that way, too. He was especially happy to greet our son Asher. Asher is used to all the dog licking, and Gio jumping on him, and he is absolutely unflustered by any of it.€" -- Michael Ravitch & Daniel Hurewitz, who married May 23, 2015 at the Prospect Park Picnic House
Molly Broxton
"We thought of building a little track for our turtle, Princess Bucket, to walk down the aisle on. She'€™s fast when she wants to be, but she's pretty strong willed. €”It could have been a long wait. The venue had an old wagon, and we had piles of fabric and trims, so we made a mount for her cage that a friend wheeled down. During the party, she hung out in a baby pool. We were scared of the turkey vultures that were circling, so we always had someone keeping an eye on her."€ -- Kevin Muth & Mark Snyder, who married August 31, 2013 at Moresca in Ulster Park, New York
France Photographers
"Bringing our cat Menace to the church was not a possibility, but it seemed right that he be a part of the getting-ready. We found the bow tie at a pet store on Cape Cod, and when Menace had it on, he would preen a bit and show it off." -- Mary Kate & Drew Kasler, who married November 15, 2014 at St. Joseph’s of Yorkville followed by a reception at Giando on the Water
Dorsey Studios
"We thought it would be fun for our French bulldogs, Kalbi and Cairo, to walk down the aisle with my sister, and because our wedding was black tie, we got them these little tuxes. We didn'€™t think too much about logistics, so when they were walking, they were a little distracted by the flower petals."€ -- Laura Pei & Evan Lodes, who married June 22, 2013 at the St. Regis
Julian Ribinik
€œ"Before the wedding, I basically went Etsy-crazy, and Fantasie Design Shop was able to make our Westie Cardozo's tuxedo to match Joe'€™s exactly: It was a midnight blue, with a shawl collar and cuff links. The whole process took three months, and she had to order special fabric and tiny shirt studs."€ -- Ashley & Joe DePalma, who married October 2, 2015 at the Midtown Lofts
Kimberly Coccagnia
€œ"Sally, whom I adopted when I was in grad school, is a very well-behaved dog most of the time. But after my best friend walked her down the aisle, she stood there during the ceremony and whined the whole time. She cried more than anyone else during the wedding."€ -- Molly Goldman & Ben Koenig, who married July 25, 2015 at Liberty View Farm, Highland, New York
Mike Allebach
"€œI decided to wear purple, and I was like, 'What if I got Jax a little purple bow tie?' He just kind of went with it. We also had big pictures of him blown up and glued onto foam board, which we put in the photo booth, so everyone got to take photos with Jax."€ -- Shondelyn Pettit & Tyler Weatherholtz, who married July 13, 2013 at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey
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