A Reminder That We Are All Born Creative

We all have some kind of creative ability, but as we get older and grow accustomed to life's demands and responsibilities, our connection to our own creative roots may weaken or even disappear. According to a recent study by Brit + Co, an organization that aims to encourage and inspire creativity in women, 77 percent of adults feel that they've lost their creativity.

In a new video campaign, Brit + Co seeks to remind us that no matter how uninspired we may feel, we were all born creative. The video contrasts footage of young girls creating art and playing make-believe -- "We use our imagination a lot," one little girl laughs -- with adult women who appear awkward and uncomfortable when asked to make up a character or paint on a canvas.

"I love painting," says one woman. "I considered going to art school but my life took a different path and I rarely paint."

The video forces us all to ask ourselves: What's holding us back from being creative?

Watch the video above, and click here for more on creativity.