Proof Viola Davis' Daughter Definitely Loves Beyoncé More Than You Do

"You don't know what Lemonade means to me, Mom!" 🍋 🍋 🍋

Though only 6 years old, Viola Davis’ daughter Genesis is an established member of the Beyhive. 

The “How to Get Away with Murder” actress opened up about her daughter’s love for Beyoncé in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday. Davis said that she saw the full range of Genesis’ fandom when she wouldn’t let her little girl go to a Queen B concert.

“’No, you don’t know what ‘Lemonade’ means to me, Mommy,’” Davis said, miming her daughter’s dramatic movements and tone. “‘You don’t know what Beyoncé means to my life.’ There you go.” 

Because of that emotional performance, DeGeneres guessed that Genesis wanted to be an actress ― and she was right. 

“She does want to be an actress,” Davis confirmed. “She says, ‘Mommy, I know how to live the words. I know how to breathe the words. I know how to remember the words.’ And I said, ‘Well, you gotta remember how to go to school and then at 18, you need to remember how to get out of the house and pay your own bills.’”

Watch the rest of Davis’ hilarious interview with DeGeneres above. 



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