Prop 37: HuffPost Live Debates The Pros And Cons Of Labeling Genetically-Modified Food (UPDATE)

HuffPost LA's Kathleen Miles participated in a debate on HuffPost Live about California's hotly contested Prop 37, which would require that companies label all food made with genetically-modified ingredients.

In late September, 61 percent of polled Californians supported Prop 37. But just a month later, that opinion flipped upside down, and only 39 percent were in support of the proposition, with 51 percent in opposition of it.

And that tight contest was reflected in HuffPost Live's segment Tuesday, which generated over 500 comments in 30 minutes.

Prop 37 has received significant national attention and money because of the precedent it could set for the country. Food, biotech and chemical companies have spent over $45 million on the No on 37 campaign, and 93% of that money has come from out of state. Natural food companies and other supporters have spent over $8 million on the Yes on 37 campaign, most of it also coming from out of state.

The other guests in the HuffPost Live segment included Jennifer Alden, food and health blogger; Martina Newell-McGloughlin, director of the UC Davis International Biotechnology Program; and Richard Martin, editorial director at Food Republic.

Where do you fall on the issue? Check out the debate in the video above, and let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE: Prop 37 did not pass, with 46.9% voting for it and 53.1% voting against it.



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