Prop 8 = Prop Hate

To the children of same-sex parents: You Are Bad.

Doesn't matter if you are happy, well-adjusted, well cared-for, educated or secure. Doesn't matter if your parents are hard working, tax paying, law abiding or nice.

Children brought up in loving, caring households are in effect being told as much by the proponents of Proposition 8, better known as The Protect Marriage Act or
The Same-Sex Marriage Ban which will, if it passes, add a new amendment to the California Constitution: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California".

By my reckoning it's 2008. What the hell does it matter who the eff marries who, if they are sane and in love (usually but not necessarily mutually exclusive characteristics) and capable of leading productive lives in society? It seems that to people who live by certain stringent, arcane creeds, ones that define life in terms of heaven and hell and Them and Us, the idea of a same-sex relationship is tantamount to murder. Or worse: matching wardrobes.

While Connecticut recently overturned the ban on Gay marriage, Prop 8's sponsors are going all out (as it were) to scare vulnerable intellects into supporting a law that is the apotheosis of the disease that had become highly visible in Nuremberg in the 1930's and more recently at McCain-Palin rallies: mass ingestion of unsubstantiated accusations, susceptibility to any accompanying imagery of a threatening nature and good old lizard-brained (eat, attack, run away, mate) impulses.

The devolution of humanity as exemplified by the hoisting of a representative of the species Hockey Matris to within a heartbeat (or less) of the highest office in the land describes the movement which would support the attack on individual freedom that is Proposition 8.

The reality is, anyone who decries same-sex marriage as aberrant or sinful or evil or whatever, is as informed as a glossolalic twit who would boast of international socio-political expertise merely because they live across a desolate strait from another country. While it is fairly assured that a large portion of "normal" marriages yield much familial discord, a high percentage of divorce, domestic violence and despair, just who do extreme, hyper-religious, xenophobic heterosexuals think they are, to create and impose legislation upon people that neither directly nor indirectly involves nor effects them adversely in any way? God?