The Property Brothers Call Out Sneaky Real Estate Listings

"There is a language real estate agents use when they think they're fooling people."

Ever take a look at real estate listings and notice some oddly worded home descriptions? So do HGTV's "Property Bothers," and they are here to tell you how to read past that tricky language.

On NBC's "Today" show Monday, Jonathan and Drew Scott read through a home listing description that used choice words like "artistic" and "natural landscaping" and told viewers what real estate agents are trying to hide from potential buyers.

If a home is described as "artistic," it means it's "friggin' weird," Jonathan Scott said. And if a listing says a house has "lots of potential," it really means the property is "a complete dump."

Watch the segment above to learn more about how to decode sneaky real estate language. And remember that sometimes there are things real estate agents want you to know, but will never tell you.

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