Property Room Auctioning Your Favorite NYPD-Seized Items

Where The NYPD Auctions Off Fancy Stolen Junk

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your family and friends? Don't bother with the atrocious lines or crazy, pepper-spraying customers because New York's finest may be able to help save the day!

Behold, the auction site Property Room, where deal seeking shoppers can bid on items seized by police departments from around the country, including the NYPD.

Not coincidentally, the site's creator is also a former detective from Long Beach, New York. Creator Tom Lane spoke to CBS about the site's philosophy:

Sometimes people have moved, sometimes people have gotten a settlement in an insurance company, it doesn't belong to them. So, this leftover stuff, by law, had to be auctioned off and that's where we come in...I figured there was an opportunity to take the stuff from police departments and put them out on the internet and expose it to a much wider audience.

Users can shop by categories ranging from jewelry, electronics, and even fine art.

According to the site, police departments, county offices, and other municipal agencies including airports and fire departments from over 2,700 places have contracts with Property Room.

Check out some of the items below at their current bid prices. Where else are you going to find a purse from Versace's immensely popular H&M line for just $35?

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Versace for HM Small Leather Evening Bag $35

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