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Proposal Disaster: Hot Air Balloon Marriage Proposal Injures Bride-To-Be, Pilot (VIDEO)

This could very well be one of the most catastrophic marriage proposals we've ever seen.

On Wednesday, one man's romantic airborne proposal in southern Indiana ended in disaster when the hot air balloon carrying the newly-engaged couple hit a power line and knocked the pilot unconscious.

According to CNN, the unnamed bride-to-be had just said "yes" to her beau when the hot air balloon landed on a patch of overgrown grass. In an effort to land again in a different location, pilot and balloon owner Dallas Beall boosted the balloon -- but hit the power lines in the process.

The quick-thinking future groom gave Beall CPR, and the pilot was conscious by the time local officers arrived on the scene.

Unfortunately, the pilot and bride-to-be both suffered burns from the incident, CNN reports. Officials do not believe the injuries to be life-threatening.

Other grooms-to-be have also run into unforeseen problems when popping the question. Click through the slideshow below to see other marriage proposals gone wrong.

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