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10 Proposal Photos That Prove Romance Is Not Dead

If "I love you" is the most romantic phrase in the English language, "Will you marry me?" is a very close second.

Not only does that monumental question kick off a long and happy future, it usually inspires an excited -- and often tearful -- reaction from the person being asked.

The 10 proposal photos below , courtesy of, are proof of that.

Amy and Jordan Photography
"He reached into his pocket, steadied his body, his voice, and his nerves, and asked one simple question: will you marry me?" (Read more here.)
Captivated Photography
"Where joy comes from is putting myself second and truly desiring to see the best in someone else. This, I have discovered, is the beauty of true love and marriage." (Read more here.)
Megan Ella Photography
"Everyone was so pumped and so into the moment, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears." (Read more here.)
Kamila Harris Photography
"As the years went by...I began to realize that I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without Heather standing by my side."(Read more here.)
Latisha Lyn Photography
"After being pelted with hail, rain and lightning bolts, the weather began to clear up...I told Natasha that we all tricked her and got down on one knee." (Read more here.)
J. Alviti Photography
"He approached me with the biggest smile on his face. At this point, all I could do was cover my face I couldn’t believe what was happening. He had to place the bouquet of roses on the floor so he could hold me up." (Read more here.)
Christine LeGrand Photo
"He poured his heart out, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him." (Read more here.)
Contemporary Captures Photography
"Adriano started talking about the many sunsets we have seen all over the world together….from that moment on I don’t really remember what happened." (Read more here.)
Sarah Tew Photography
"In a moment of panic, I asked 'Did I even say yes, I can not remember?' David agreed to go back down on one knee and ask again…this time I screamed YES!!!!" (Read more here.)
Hailey Tash Photography
"I pulled the ring from my pocket, lowered to one knee and asked my soul mate to marry me. I won’t ever forget the look in her eyes when I proposed to her, it was a moment of excitement, shock, happiness and love." (Read more here.)

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