16 Picture-Perfect Proposals You Couldn't Possibly Say 'No' To

Irresistibly romantic. 💍

Just say, "Yes!"

In honor of National Proposal Day on March 20, we've rounded up 16 truly joyful proposal moments from our friends at HowHeAsked. Feel the romance below:

Lake Tahoe, California
"At that moment I was speechless. I was overflowing with such happiness and joy that the only thing that I could do was nod. About a minute later is when I whispered in his ear and told him that I would marry him and that I couldn’t wait to be his wife."

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San Francisco, California
"When I turned around Nick was down on one knee! I will never forget the look in his eyes! I don’t remember what was said but I will never forget his face!"

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Venice, Italy
"I got on one knee in the gondola, opened the box and asked her if she would marry me! By this point she had already started crying and hadn’t even looked at the ring yet. I had to ask her if the tears meant it was a ‘yes’ because she still hadn’t answered me. Suffice it to say, it was a 'yes.'"

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Santorini, Greece
"She took the blindfold off and immediately started crying at how beautiful everything was. It was like a dream."

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Orlando, Florida
Andrew Chung via HowHeAsked
"When I took off my blindfold that’s when all the magic happened. I saw him kneeling down on one knee, in front of Cinderella Castle, with a huge crowd around us. He was holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. I immediately burst into tears, hugged him and answered 'YES!'"

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Ontario, Canada
"There were candles lit all around and the snow was falling perfectly. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening exactly how I imagined. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It couldn’t have been any more beautiful."

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"I remember sitting there and just thinking, 'Wow, this boy reaaaalllllly loves me, I’m so blessed.' He asks for the ring from his best friend Darren, gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. I scream, I jump up, and I cry. Of course I said, 'Yes!'"

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New York City
"Like most couples, we are excited to begin the next phase of our lives together by making a public profession of our love and commitment to each other through marriage."

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Dallas, Texas
"I wanted to do something different, something no one has done before and that couldn't be duplicated in the same way. I decided I would write a song only for her, get a band together, record and film it live, and make a music video that we can look back on and cherish for the rest of our lives."

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Geneva, Florida
"Joel knows words are one of the ways I feel most loved so he read me a letter he’d written, clearly communicating his love and commitment to me...Everything was perfect. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Through so many tears I managed to get out a 'yes!'"

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Paris, France
"I began telling him that I have never felt so comfortable with anyone in my entire life, and that was when I knew he was the one. I finished it with me saying that he was my best friend, soulmate and then asked if he would marry me. After that it was a constant smiling session from ear-to-ear for the rest of the shoot."

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New York City
"After stumbling on my words for a few minutes, I finally popped the big question. I couldn’t have asked for better photos to capture that moment!"

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San Francisco, California
"We found a few shells, and we stopped on the beach to compare them and pick our favorites. I had placed the ring under the stack of shells in my hand, so when I got to the bottom of the stack, I said, ‘Okay, I have one more,’ and I opened up my hands with the ring sitting there and asked her to marry me. She said, ‘Yes!’"

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New York City
"The word 'yes' came out of my mouth before he even made it to through the word 'marry.' And then maybe I said 'yes' another 12 times after that."

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London, England
"[The artist] turned the drawing around and it said 'Will you marry me?' and depicted Dominic on one knee in front of Big Ben with a ring box! I turned around and the exact scene was being mirrored in real life! A photographer had been stealthily documenting the entire proposal."

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Jekyll Island, Georgia
"For the first two seconds I was in such shock I really didn’t know what was going on until he so gracefully got down on one knee, looked me dead in the eye, and said 'Jeanie Beth, I love you. Marry me.'"

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