Proposed Obama Ad: "Make Them Famous"

The consensus around the 'sphere seems to be that Obama needs to stop playing defense, define Sarah Palin, and take the fight back to John McCain. These seem like contradictory goals, but here's a suggestion for an ad that might accomplish all three (based on this post from last week) :


Video of Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention.

I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere.


Montage of headlines from the Anchorage Daily News including "Sarah Palin's Bogus 'Bridge To Nowhere' Claims", "Palin touts stance on 'Bridge to Nowhere,' doesn't note flip-flop", and "Palin accused of using bridge to gain stature".


But according to those who know Sarah Palin best, this claim is "bogus". Gov. Palin was "for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it" and even after flip-flopping on the issue, Palin refused to give back the almost $400 million of taxpayer money.


Video of John McCain at the Republican National Convention.


I've fought the big spenders in both parties, who waste your money on things you neither need nor want...I will make them famous, and you will know their names.


A photo of John McCain standing next to Sarah Palin which slowly fades out as a similar photo of John McCain standing next to George W. Bush takes its place.


Mission accomplished, but it's hard to be a maverick when you're part of the same Washington, pork-barrel politics that the American people have rejected. Can we afford four more years of the same?