Prose Of Wisdom: A 'Crystal Soul' Is Someone Who Survives With Grace... Are You A Crystal Soul?

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Fine Art Paintings; Crystal Soul Triptych by Dr Franky Dolan

Are you a Crystal Soul? Do you know someone who is a Crystal Soul? Share these beautiful words and images with those who deserve to be validated for surviving with grace...

The crystal is a jewel given to the earth. This natural little gift is pressed to immeasurable degrees. Once it comes up to the light, it actually absorbs rainbows, and releases them for the world to see. A great and powerful miracle that comes from the gift of life. This is what happens to us all when we suffer and survive with grace; when we are youthful but wise elders; when our hearts are broken and we still have love.

A Crystal Soul is a magnanimous thing. It is that which becomes of those who rise to the light and shine their colors, despite being pressed beyond measure. No more crying my sweet friends. All who are weary and pure, are worthy of loving. Close your eyes and absorb the rainbows of your life. Then open those windows to your soul, and share your beautiful colors with the world. You are unique and alive. You. You. You are a rare jewel and the dark corners of the world need your shine. You are alive, so live. Be your greatest self, and you too will become a Crystal Soul.

Sending Love,



Dr Franky Dolan created this art experience in a series of three, to help give the message to the world that those who suffer and survive with grace, deserve to be recognized and honored. He created them in this order:

Crystal Soul 1:

Crystal Soul 1; fine art painting and story by Dr Franky Dolan

Crystal Soul 2:

Crystal Soul 2; fine art painting and story by Dr Franky Dolan

Crystal Soul 3:

Crystal Soul 3; fine art painting and story by Dr Franky Dolan

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When you survive great suffering, you gain great wisdom... Prose Of Wisdom is a series shared on Huffington Post by Dr Franky Dolan. Bedridden with a neuro-immune disease and losing close friends to illness and suicide, he was fighting for his life. Something ignited in him. Through blackouts, convulsions, crippling pain and an agonizing broken heart, he began a meditation that lasted for years. Messages of hope and survival came streaming through. Franky became well enough to sit on his own, create art, and write his revelations. Connecting with other survivors around the world, he began a mission to help other suffering people to find comfort and stay alive, any way he possibly could. They shared stories of suffering, survival and wisdom. Now, Dr Franky Dolan is sharing these wisdoms here in these short and easy to read prose.

Take a moment to reflect and enjoy. Add your own wisdoms that you have learned on this topic, in the comments section. You may just help a suffering soul to survive another day, or even a lifetime. Share love, share life, and share Dr Franky Dolan’s Prose of Wisdom.

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