Prose of Wisdom: Long-term Suffering Can Cause Time To Pause

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An interesting thing about time, and being ill. It feels so distorted. When a person gets very ill, everything sort of pauses until better health can be regained. But what happens when you are seriously ill for years? I will tell you. It is bizarre, as if every day you are waking up from a long coma. You look around to see that the rest of the world has not paused at all. Children are suddenly teenagers, your peers from high school have marriages, children, divorces, careers etc. They are not paused; they are going forward, blessed with the most precious gift of health, and the ability to move ahead freely.

Imagine what it feels like to reach out to an old friend, someone you spent a lot of time with before getting ill, eager to finally reminisce with and open up to again; only to find that they are quite surprised by your sudden outreach of kindness and enthusiasm. They think that you have grown apart. They have moved on.

But when you are paused, you are waiting to get right back on track. You are ready, and would give anything to continue where you left off. Every night, you go to sleep wishing on a thousand stars to have your friendships back, your health back, your life back. But then you wake up and realize that you are living life in a walking coma. Everyone has moved on. But you are still. Ill. You are paused, and the rest of the world seems somehow in fast forward. You are left waiting for a cure; praying, begging, chanting for help, hoping to someday get back to the life that seems to be leaving you behind... I have learned that health, love and time are the three greatest gifts to human kind. Health, for the body. Love, for the soul. And time, for sharing these gifts with each other. Isolation and loneliness can be fatal. So when you hear from an old friend who is ill, make an effort to understand and value how they spend their time.

Take time, to give love, to those who are paused.

Sending Love,


When you survive great suffering, you gain great wisdom... Prose Of Wisdom is a series shared on Huffington Post by Dr Franky Dolan. Bedridden with a neuro-immune disease and losing close friends to illness and suicide, he was fighting for his life. Something ignited in him. Through blackouts, convulsions, crippling pain and an agonizing broken heart, he began a meditation that lasted for years. Messages of hope and survival came streaming through. Franky became well enough to sit on his own, create art, and write his revelations. Connecting with other survivors around the world, he began a mission to help other suffering people to find comfort and stay alive, any way he possibly could. They shared stories of suffering, survival and wisdom. Now, Dr Franky Dolan is sharing these wisdoms here in these short and easy to read prose.

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