Prose Of Wisdom: Suicidal People Do Not Actually Want To Die

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Artwork by Dr Franky Dolan
This story is an addendum to the previous story written by Dr Franky Dolan, titled ‘Depression Is A Well.’

Suicide is one of the top ten causes of death among people of all ages. It is one of the top three reasons for death among teenagers, next to accidents and murder.

Suicidal thoughts are extremely common. So why are we not talking about this? When people are suicidal, they are often too ashamed and scared to tell anyone. But that just makes the isolation worse. So I am doing my part today, and talking about it! ---Living in constant pain is a death-like cloak that haunts your every thought. When people feel suicidal, more often than not, they don’t actually want to die. What they usually want is to live a different life than the one that they are living now. Something about this life has become so overwhelmingly painful, that they are buried by it. It can seem as if the future will always be doomed. Unfortunately, too many people think that the only way to end their suffering is to end their life.

I live among an “Invisible Diseases community where suicide runs rampant. My friends are dying, and I am desperate to help. Living a life of chronic illness is extremely difficult; only fully understood by those who live it themselves. The same goes for mental illness. Some of the greatest people this earth has ever known are individuals who have survived deep suffering. It is as if the human soul becomes riddled in coal, pressed to its unimaginable limits, and those who withstand become diamonds.

But how do we keep these precious suffering people safe from the demons that plague them? It is common for people to seek a way out. But when it seems that there is no light inside the well of depression, it feels like they are stuck there forever. When in fact, there is always a way out. It is a darkness that is so destructive and terrifying, it confuses the senses. People need help to get them out of it.

Every situation is different, so we will need to be deep-thinking and creative about helping those in danger. Don’t do it alone. If raising a child takes a village, then saving a life takes a nation.

Reach out, be as careful, respectful and as loving as you possibly can be. Most of all, never ever give up. When someone is suicidal, the last thing they need from their support system, is a feeling of defeat. Never add more hurt, anger or guilt into their minds. Let them know how the world still needs them and loves them. Because it is always true. Every person has value and potential to help the world. It is a tragedy to think that so many of our adults, and our youth, are leaving this world through acts that are in fact preventable! We simply need to come together, as individuals, building communities and saving lives.

Be a role model, even when you think no one is looking. Some of the most beautiful people in the world can become God-awful ugly in an instant. It happens when they lose their compassion. A moment of road rage; an ill-mannered comment online; forgetting that your words and actions end up in the body of another person. These all add up to being a bad example. Human beings are powerful. Every single thing that we do has the potential to change another person’s life. So let’s choose to be good, and kind to each other, even when you think no one is looking.

If you yourself are suicidal, don’t be ashamed. Don’t isolate yourself. And most of all, don’t give up! You are not alone in this, I promise you. People who get proper help and come out of suicidality, often say that when they were suicidal, they would never have thought that there was a way out of it. But then there was. They got better. And so can you! Don’t let fear and shame overpower your abilities to seek help. Surviving this will make you stronger and wiser than you ever imagined.

Whether you are here reading this to survive your own suicidal struggles, or here to help someone else with theirs, prepare yourself and take heart-filled educated action. You can save a life, even your own. You just need to be properly equipped. Connect into your community of support, and be prepared to be honest and trusting. Stop these tragedies from happening, and help the suffering souls to rise up and become diamonds. The easiest way to do this, is to live your everyday life with abundant overflowing compassion.

There is enough hope and love for us all. Be brave, reach out for help, and do what you are truly meant to do: Live.

Sending Love,


For help from people who understand and want to support you, go here:

In the US, call: 1-(800)-273-8255

Suicide prevention website: Suicide.Org

The International List of Suicide Hotlines:

When you survive great suffering, you gain great wisdom... Prose Of Wisdom is a series shared on Huffington Post by Dr Franky Dolan. Bedridden with a neuro-immune disease and losing close friends to illness and suicide, he was fighting for his life. Something ignited in him. Through blackouts, convulsions, crippling pain and an agonizing broken heart, he began a meditation that lasted for years. Messages of hope and survival came streaming through. Franky became well enough to sit on his own, create art, and write his revelations. Connecting with other survivors around the world, he began a mission to help other suffering people to find comfort and stay alive, any way he possibly could. They shared stories of suffering, survival and wisdom. Now, Dr Franky Dolan is sharing these wisdoms here in these short and easy to read prose.

Take a moment to reflect and enjoy. Add your own wisdoms that you have learned on this topic, in the comments section. You may just help a suffering soul to survive another day, or even a lifetime. Share love, share life, and share Dr Franky Dolan’s Prose of Wisdom.

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