Protect Our Muslim Neighbors

It's tough to say who has it worst among the victims in Trump's America, but in terms of brazen, unapologetic bigotry, it's safe to say Muslims have the biggest target on their backs now. It's awful and sad and ugly and depressing, and it pisses me off.

So it was great to see thousands of people in Denver's Civic Center Park Saturday afternoon for a "Protect Our Muslim Neighbors Rally."

Lately, the signs at our rallies against trump have summed up the sentiments as well as anything else. Here are a few from Saturday's:

Here's what was written on some of them:

  • We are all Muslims
  • I wish I was playing video games but this shit is serious
  • Immigrants and refugees welcome here
  • We love our Muslim neighbors
  • We were all immigrants once
  • Catholics in support of Muslims
  • Two of Trump's wives are immigrants, proving immigrate will do a job Americans won't do
  • Give me you tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free...but only the hot European model babes
  • Muslim friends, we've got your back
  • Hindsight is literally the year 2020
  • I'm not protesty but Jeez
  • First they came for the Muslims and this Jew stood up today and said no way
  • No human being is illegal
  • Impeach Trump
  • Cory, if I were getting paid, I would have made a better sign
  • This is not fake news
  • Refugees are vetted more than Trump's cabinet
  • Raise you normal sized fist
  • Love trumps hate
  • Will trade one Trump for 500,000 refugees
  • Ban terrorism not religion
  • Fight ignorance not immigrants
  • You've got a friend in me
  • Hug an immigrant
  • Hate has no room here.

I found myself hoping that the conservative bigots on  talk radio shows and other Muslim haters saw the signs, but then I realized, who cares?

We all know Trump doesn't represent America.

That's why we were in Civic Center Park. So everyone knows our country is better than the bigots, including Trump, who are attacking Muslims--and so everyone knows that, yes, we will protect our Muslim neighbors.

(Photos by Brett Littleton)