Protect Your Car Door From Hitting The Garage Wall Using... A Pool Noodle (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Genius Way To Avoid Car Door Dents

You know that moment when you pull into the garage and you go to open your car door and boom -- it slams against the wall, causing some damage? Yeah, that's not a good feeling at all. Especially, when you don't have the time (or money!) to fix the nick or dent.

When searching for a solution for this problem, we came across a smart tip on Pinterest that suggested cutting a pool noodle in half and placing it on your garage wall to prevent the car door from hitting it. Hello, genius!

We went digging some more to see if anyone else has tried this clever trick and found a Reddit post by legoadan, who uploaded photos of how he created his own car guard using the swim toy.

From what we can tell it looks like it works pretty well, and is definitely worth giving a try if you have a small garage or just want to make the space safer for your car. Ah, another fine repurposing idea!

Click through our slideshow to see photos from legoadan and be sure to head over to his Reddit post to read more.

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