Tips On How To Protect Your Dogs From Ticks

We had two wonderful dog experts on the show this week. Cesar Millan, the original “Dog Whisperer” himself, came by to talk about dealing with our dogs’ behavioral quirks. And for medical advice, we paid a visit to Dr. Kim Rosenthal at the Westside Veterinary Center, where she filled us in on how to keep our dogs free from ticks, illness, and the coming winter cold.

You know how much your dog loves to frolic around in grass. But the fear of Lyme disease is no joke! So we were glad to have Dr. Rosenthal share a few of her tips for keeping the ticks at bay this fall.

  • Give your dog a short haircut. Dr. Rosenthal recommends this for dogs that operate in environments with a "high exposure to ticks". This can mean anything from a home in the country, or just a lot of time spent in the park or woods. The short hair may not prevent ticks from latching on, but it will help you find them easier when grooming your pup.
  • Give your dog a white t-shirt. In especially high tick areas, or with especially hairy dogs, a white t-shirt might be a better solution. It's much easier to "spot and remove a tick on a white t-shirt" than in the "dark hair of the dog."

Watch the rest of the interview with Cesar and Dr. Rosenthal.

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