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Protect Your Skin With a Facekini

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Do you go to great lengths to protect your fair skin from even the slightest hint of sun? Are you terrified of jellyfish? Do you ever think, Hey, I'd like to look like a cross between a Mexican wrestler and a bank robber?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider the Facekini, a thing that totally exists.


Invented in China in 2012, the Facekini is a nylon/polyester/Lycra blend mask that covers its wearer's face and neck, minus his or her eyes, nose and mouth.


Equally good for blocking UV rays (it boasts UPF 50+ protection), preventing jellyfish stings and terrifying young children, it comes in a variety of colors, prints and styles (including the one above, inspired by a traditional Peking opera mask).


While the Facekini has mostly been embraced by middle-aged Chinese women, it also looks pretty darn good on an 18-year-old model wearing Emporio Armani and Balenciaga (as evidenced by a 2014 CR Fashion Book editorial).


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