Taking Action to Protect Children

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When I talk to my friends who are moms of young children, we often talk about the instinct to protect our children. What we really mean are the scary realities that lie right under the surface of the conversation.

Those fears -- and the facts behind them -- are important to acknowledge if we really want to make the world safer for our kids. Let's talk about them, and inspire action to create a better world for women and children.

Did you know one out of four girls will be assaulted by the time she's 18? Yet, we are falling woefully short of our duty to investigate and prosecute those crimes. When I learned that fewer than 20 percent of all rape kits taken in the United States are ever tested, I was outraged. And every person I have ever talked to about the situation is also outraged.

If we care as a culture about protecting women and girls, we must take action. We must ensure that all 400,000 kits sitting untested across the country are tested, and the DNA evidence is compared to available databases.

Having two little girls has inspired me to take action to change the reality in this country. I am asking you join me -- share this information with your friends, and together we can begin to create the groundswell of awareness that will lead to collective action for change.

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