Protecting the Internet via the Upcoming FCC Vote

OK, long story short, this is about saving the Net for regular people, versus providing privileges for companies that spend lots of money lobbying in Washington and misinforming the American public.

The deal is that on February 26th, the FCC will vote on rules that promote strong Net Neutrality, which is about a level playing field so that regular people can compete with companies that prefer privilege over competition.

John Oliver makes it simple:

We're talking about about what they call reclassifying Internet service providers as "Title II telecommunications services." Specifically, the FCC is applying "light touch" Title II, with no rate regulation, no tariffs, no painful administrative filings, and no last-mile unbundling.

It's not about Internet regulation, it's about the best balance between government and market forces.

That's required to protect American consumers from bad behavior, a big deal considering the following kind of thing:

My deal is that that this Title II stuff regarding Net Neutrality is about basic fairness, about treating people like you'd like to be treated.

Let's keep the Internet the best level playing field we can.