Who Will Protect New York City From Trump?

So the Republican Congress refuses to pay for the protection of President-elect Donald Trump in NYC, offering a pittance of what it will cost our local NYC police to keep him safe in his glass tower on 57th Street. We are told that NYC must pay the bill. Millions upon millions will be spent upon police protection. Strange? What protection does he need? He will be the first to tell you that "everyone loves me." Democratic voters are appalled, depressed, and fearful but I never heard angry crowds at the HRC rallies scream "Lock him up!" Or worse, cries that were like those incitements to violence against Hillary at the Trump rallies, some coming from the candidate himself. So monies that should be used to house the homeless, feed hungry schoolchildren from the inner city, and keep a city safe must be spent on a man who could easily wait out his time in Palm Beach at Tra-La-La-go, his estate. Worse yet, his fellow billionaires cannot buy their wives diamond bracelets at Tiffany's because the area is cordoned off.

Is this the way for a man to act who declares that he has already changed "Happy Holidays" to the old "Merry Christmas"? I'm okay with either but raiding the city's taxpayers coffers at Christmas is not very merry I'd say. And while this writer is lamenting the problems my beloved city faces because of the Trump Family Singers (the new von Trapps with an ex-model instead of an ex-nun - and with "Doe a Deer" replaced by "Foe a Fear") may I suggest a change of costume as well as a change of venue. Sir, you are a figure from farce, but you dress like a stage villain in that long black cashmere wizard's robe. It will scare small children - not to mention ancient children like me. Besides, I suspect that it was made in Jina. Okay, if not Mar-a-whatever the largo is - why not the hotel you just built in Washington? You could book two floors while waiting out your chance to make America great again. Don't want to lose the hotel room rental, eh? Then why not ask your friend Putin for a courtesy suite of rooms at the Kremlin - or better yet, take over the whole Hermitage - but for Beeelzebub's Sake - please quit 57th Street so people can visit their dentists again. Don't be the Pinch who stole Christmas.