These New Coffee Pods Contain More Protein Than An Egg

It's like Starbucks... for cavemen.
12/13/2016 06:01am ET

If you love coffee and crave protein, this could be the brew you’ve been waiting for.

LonoLife, the company that brought us trendy bone broth K-cups earlier this year, has debuted protein coffee K-cups that pack more protein than an egg. One pod of LonoLife’s coffee has 10 grams of protein, whereas a large egg has 6 grams. Each pod contains regular Kona coffee along with animal-based collagen, a protein supplement popular among those who practice the Paleo diet.

The idea is that while you’re sipping your morning brew, you might as well get a hearty dose of protein, along with the collagen that may make for healthier joints, hair, skin and nails.

The coffee “sneaks a dose of highly satiating protein into a beverage most people are likely going to drink anyway,” LonoLife co-founder Jesse Koltes told HuffPost. “Starting the day off with something that fills you up may stop you from reaching for something silly, like a sugar-loaded muffin, before lunch.”

Mmm, protein.

Other protein coffees exist, but most of them contain whey as their protein source. LonoLife’s protein coffee is also the first to come in K-cup form.

The pods can be used in any single-pod coffee machine and, unlike some pods, are 100 percent recyclable. There’s also a stick pack version for non-Keurig users. A 10-pack of LonoLife’s protein coffee pods retails for $13.99 online.

Cheers to collagen!

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