These New Coffee Pods Contain More Protein Than An Egg

It's like Starbucks... for cavemen.

If you love coffee and crave protein, this could be the brew you’ve been waiting for.

LonoLife, the company that brought us trendy bone broth K-cups earlier this year, has debuted protein coffee K-cups that pack more protein than an egg. One pod of LonoLife’s coffee has 10 grams of protein, whereas a large egg has 6 grams. Each pod contains regular Kona coffee along with animal-based collagen, a protein supplement popular among those who practice the Paleo diet.

The idea is that while you’re sipping your morning brew, you might as well get a hearty dose of protein, along with the collagen that may make for healthier joints, hair, skin and nails.

The coffee “sneaks a dose of highly satiating protein into a beverage most people are likely going to drink anyway,” LonoLife co-founder Jesse Koltes told HuffPost. “Starting the day off with something that fills you up may stop you from reaching for something silly, like a sugar-loaded muffin, before lunch.”

Mmm, protein.

Other protein coffees exist, but most of them contain whey as their protein source. LonoLife’s protein coffee is also the first to come in K-cup form.

The pods can be used in any single-pod coffee machine and, unlike some pods, are 100 percent recyclable. There’s also a stick pack version for non-Keurig users. A 10-pack of LonoLife’s protein coffee pods retails for $13.99 online.

Cheers to collagen!

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