Why You Should Cook An Egg Into Your Oatmeal

Protein alert!

When it comes to breakfast, eggs and oatmeal tend to be two different menu items -- the foods are rarely seen together on the same plate. But combining them can increase the happiness of your tastebuds and better your health. It's time we see them as one.

The additional protein from the egg will keep you fuller for longer and make you feel more awake. This, paired with oatmeal's heart-healthy, cholesterol-lowering powers, make egg oatmeal (egoats, can we call them?) a herculean morning meal. The destined-to-be-together ingredients will having you shouting Good Morning from the roof tops, before you've had your coffee, while still sporting your pajamas.

The egg will thicken those oats right up, making them more fluffy -- almost buttery. It's a bit of texture magic. And this all happens without altering the oats' neutral taste, meaning you can still dress them up however you like. Sweetened with a little maple syrup and cinnamon? Golden. Prepared savory with sriracha and avocado? Do it.

Sold? Fabulous. To make this beautiful meal, cook the oats as you would normally -- either by stovetop or by microwave. Crack a single egg (or a few if you're cooking up a big batch of breakfast) into a small bowl and whisk it up. If using a microwave, pour the egg mixture into the oats, add your milk or water and mix all together. Nuke as directed. You may want to add more liquid after the first microwave session, mixing the oats and microwaving for another minute or so.

If you are preparing the oatmeal on the stove, heat as you normally would. Once the pot comes to a simmer, reduce the heat and allow it to cook for about 5 minutes, while stirring frequently. Now stir in the whisked egg(s) and turn up the heat. Cook for another 5 minutes or so, and add more liquid if desired.

Once your egoats are ready, add whatever ingredients you like: perhaps a dollop of peanut butter and jam, some honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. You'll never go back to plain old oats again.

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