Protester Shouting About Gay 'Abomination' Removed From Supreme Court Hearing

WASHINGTON -- Tuesday's high-profile Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage was briefly interrupted by a man screaming about gay people going to hell.

About half an hour into oral arguments, the man, who was sitting in the audience, suddenly jumped up and started shouting his views.

"If you support gay marriage, you will burn in hell!" the man shouted as he was dragged out of the room. "Homosexuality is an abomination!"

HuffPost's Ryan Reilly got video footage of court officers running to stop the commotion.

The man continued yelling in the halls for several minutes after he was led out. The Supreme Court press office had no further information on the man's identity.

At least one of the justices didn't seem to mind the interruption.

"It was rather refreshing, actually," Justice Antonin Scalia said to laughs.



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