Protesters Not Allowed On Property Where Gardner Will Hold Town Hall Today

Protesters at U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) town hall meeting at Colorado Christian University's (CCU) 900-person-capacity Event Center in Lakewood will not be allowed in front of the Event Center but instead must gather "on public property, either the Garrison or Alameda entrances to the campus,” according to a CCU spokesperson, who also said that embers of the public who fail to gain admittance to the town hall will be able to watch the event on YouTube but will not be accommodated on the university  campus.

"The University was only asked to provide space for the town hall event, itself," said CCU Director of Communications Lance J. Oversole via email to the  Colorado Times Recorder. "The event will be lived-stream from the Centennial Institute YouTube channel."

An overflow crowd seems likely, given that over 1,000 people packed a middle-school auditorium in February, according to media reports, to direct questions at a cardboard cutout of Gardner, as opposed to the real Republican, who's scheduled to be there Wed.

People will be allowed into the town-hall venue on a "first-come, first-in" basis, according to Oversole.

"Clearly, this is a town hall event in the CCU Event Center, open to the public," wrote oversole. "In the event of inappropriate behavior inside the venue, Lakewood Police will handle the situation accordingly. If individuals are removed from the venue, they will be escorted to public property. Public protest in any form must be carried out on public property, either the Garrison or Alameda entrances to the campus."

The CCU event center is located on the campus at 8787 West Alameda Ave., and the town hall is scheduled to run from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m