Journalists Hold Protests Around The World In Support Of '#FreeAJStaff' Campaign

Journalists protested around the world on Thursday in solidarity with the Al Jazeera staffers and other members of the press who have been detained and put on trial in Egypt.

The "Global Day Of Action" had been launched in conjunction with the "#FreeAJStaff" campaign, which has garnered support from journalists across the globe. Al Jazeera reporters and others are being held on terrorism-related charges for the simple crime of doing their jobs as journalists.

Being journalists, the protesters made sure to document their demonstrations on Twitter. The pictures show events being held in Tokyo and Kabul; in Beirut and South Africa; in London and Sydney and, of course, at Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha, Qatar. Protests in cities such as San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro are scheduled for later in the day.