Proud To Be An American

I had vowed to not watch the coronation today, forgot the time difference and accidentally started to watch until I saw the Crisco-slathered Trump progeny slink into the front door of the White House and then it was one responsive CLICK of disgust.

But here is what I feel right now:

I'm really proud to be an American.

I'm proud that because I am an American I can both privately and publicly react as I see fit, fight for what I believe is right in order to protect and defend our great democracy.

Today we are all members of the people's military. Today the revolution, long dormant, rises again.

I am proud that there are millions of people, just like me, who can band together just as we did 45 years ago when we went after and took down Nixon---lead by the very press that Trump abhors.

He detests them because in seconds they can publicly and surgically peel away the thin emotional layer of his thin skin and expose him for the fraud/idiot that he is.

Can you imagine if the vote meant he had to take a test on American law in order to see if he was fit to become President? The man can't even write an essay. All he can do is pose like he's writing one.

America has elected a man who knows nothing about how our country was built and last night he showed the world what he really cares about when he and his pull-toy wife saluted the Lincoln memorial.

The man cares more about buildings than people.

Because that is what he is. He's a structure built on cheap labor, cheap materials on a foundation of bankruptcy, who despite the abuse to individual workers on every single, top to bottom level, he still winds up looking tall and grand.

He lives to loom large and like a compulsive, by any means necessary used car salesman that he is, he is never satisfied. He has to move on and keep moving and keep talking and keep twittering because if he stops he will feel the power of his own impotency.

Trump wanted to have a show of force, military parade of tanks and soldiers as part of his inauguration which is the common request of children and insane bloodlust dictators.

Like President Obama, I am an optimist by nature. I still believe in America too. So I have every reason to be hopeful.

We are going to go through one abusive, endlessly insulting 100 days. The parade of cabinet members nominees have already shortened our mutual fuses with their stunning lack of decency, experience, ability, knowledge and staggering amount of selfishness. Programs that help the needy, the Endowment of the Arts, Medicare, Obamacare and Social Security are about to become kibble for the rich.

Trump's behind the door in-joke it seems is, if he got to where he did without any credentials or even inane ability then why not let his sycophants do the same thing? It's called playing dirty and produces instant spikes of testosterone. But it never really engages the psyche that knows deep down inside what an empty loser you are.

Trump did not show us his tax records and either outright lied or exaggerated and distorted any form of reality and to me that revealed his life tactics; how he conducts both his business and personal life.

In school, the weakest and most shallow of boys do everything they can to compensate for their feelings powerlessness and lack of success by bullying the best and brightest while manhandling women in order to grab even a second of self-respect, as false as that might be.

Trump, plans to hang a letter in the Oval Office that was written to him by Richard Nixon who, after recognizing a quality in Trump that he identified with, encouraged him to get into politics.

Clearly it takes one to know one.

We have given this man a chance for a year. And I for one have had it. He will be sworn in at 12:00PM and at 12:01 PM lawsuits based on all his unethical business conflicts will shower the courts. One minute into his presidency and he will already be in violation.

Trump will no doubt try to block the investigation into his alliance with Russia but having already insulted and discredited the intelligence community, I would say good luck with that.

And let's not forget that he encouraged the Russians to hack our system on national TV---which he now says was a joke which to me is like going through airport security and joking about blowing up the plane. Hey! I was kidding! I'm a nut!

He also encouraged second amendment lovers to shoot Hillary if they didn't like her Supreme Court picks.

And of course he insulted women and encouraged bigotry and bias from the escalator down, which was no doubt, en route to hell.

He has disgraced us long enough.

It is time to stand up to him and show the world that we are better than this. That this fool does not represent who we are.

Do a little research and find out what happened to all the losers and bullies of your life. You never heard of any of them again? Me neither.

The best news for me is that I know that Trump knows all this on the deepest level and he is tortured by it. I have all my hair and do not have to create a cinnamon bun swirl on my head to make me look and feel like a man.

Every day, until we get rid of him, he will be the first person since Michelle Obama, to start the day by putting on make- up, doing his hair and putting on designer clothes.

He will walk through the halls of delusion and pretend that he deserves to be there. He will swagger. He will be flippant. He will be insulting. He will be vindictive.

While outside, someone who believes in everything that he does not, will light a match and Rome will start to burn.