Janelle Reeves: I Live In Provo, Utah, And This Is My Style

Find out how this blogger draws inspiration from her stylish community.

As part of the fashion-obsessed community, we’re always interested in finding out what people are wearing around the country. So far, we’ve learned which trends are popular in Memphis, Tennessee, the importance of Jimmy Choo muck boots in Livingston, Montana and some of the best local places to shop in Birmingham, Alabama.

And we’re still on the search to find out what fashion looks like to people living in cities all around the country.

Janelle Reeves is a 27-year-old stay-at-home mom and blogger who has been living in Provo, Utah, for nine years. According to her Instagram bio, she prioritizes modest fashion, body positivity and beauty.

She balances motherhood with her burgeoning fashion and beauty blog, and says the city is rife with many bloggers doing the same. “I love gathering fashion inspiration from my blogger friends at local events,” she told HuffPost.

Find out the trends she loves, how Provo residents support their local designers and more below.

What makes the style in your city unique?

Provo is a college town and brings people from all over the country, and even from different countries! I think that definitely influences the style and adds some diversity. Provo is also a conservative city, with about 88 percent of the population LDS [Latter-Day Saints], many of whom value modesty in their dress. So while there are a variety of styles, many of them are still shoulder-covering, go to the knee, etc.

What’s the best thing about the style in your city?

Provo women are incredibly stylish. The fashion blogging scene is huge here, and everyone has their own spin on a given trend! I love it. When you go to a city event you’ll see style inspiration everywhere! And people here love to support local companies, so you’ll see a lot of them wearing clothing, handbags, and shoes from local designers and boutiques.

What are some trends that are popular right now in your city?

Everyone seems to be loving embroidered anything, velvet, ruffles and bell sleeves.

What are some of your favorite personal trends?

I’m a big fan of velvet and jumpsuits right now!

What are some trends in your city that you hate?

I’m kind of over the giant floral prints and oversized ruffles.

Do you feel like your style reflects your city? Why or why not?

I think in some ways it definitely does. Provo is a small but emerging city with a hipster vibe, and I have a little of that in the way I dress. But I also like to think my style is a little unique and different from everyone around me.

What does your style say about you?

My home base is neutral and cozy. I love a beautiful, practical outfit that doesn’t break the bank. I don’t subscribe to the idea that expensive fabrics and designer brands are necessary to be fashionable. So maybe my style says that I’m laid-back and pragmatic!

What are your favorite places to shop? Both local and department store/online?

Online I love shopping at ASOS, Nordstrom, Target and Old Navy, and locally there are a ton of shops I love! I wrote about about it here, but the highlights are Soel Boutique, Piper & Scoot, Roolee Boutique and Katie Waltman. I also love a good thrifting find from Deseret Industries.

Do you feel pressure to be stylish in your city?

I don’t think there’s this expectation for everyone to be put together always ― I definitely hit up the grocery store in my sweats. But I think Provo does have a stylish vibe, and it encourages sharing your own style when you’re out and about.

Do you think it costs a lot of money to stylish in your city?

Not at all. I think there’s a big variety of price points here, and it’s easy to find the style you’re looking for within any budget!

Do you feel pressure to be well dressed at your job?

Well, at my stay-at-home mom gig definitely not. My kids couldn’t care less! But as a blogger attending events, there’s for sure an expectation to show off your favorite recent fashion finds! I love gathering fashion inspiration from my blogger friends at local events.