PSA Reveals The Word You Shouldn't Say To Someone Whose Baby Has Down Syndrome

"The 'S' Word" aims to change the dialogue around having a baby with Down syndrome.

An eye-opening PSA is shedding light on the experiences of young people with Down syndrome and their parents.

Titled “The ‘S’ Word,” the video is part of a campaign from the Canadian Down Syndrome Society called “Anything But Sorry.” It focuses on educating people about the appropriate way to react to the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.

The “S word” in this situation is “sorry.” In the video, individuals with Down syndrome suggest various things you can say to parents who’ve welcomed a baby like them.

“When a baby is born parents are usually showered with oohs, aahs and congratulations,” a press release for the video notes. “The last thing most people would say to a new parent is ‘sorry.’ Yet this is exactly what many parents of a baby born with Down syndrome hear from friends, family and even their doctors. Already heartbroken, ‘sorry’ offers even more heartbreak.”

Instead, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society wants to change that dialogue and remind the world that every child’s birth deserves to be celebrated.

The “Anything But Sorry” campaign also offers a behind-the-scenes video featuring parents of people with Down syndrome.

Viewers can visit for a selection of cheeky e-cards to share with new parents on their social networks and a set of printed “Anything But Sorry” congratulations cards for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

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