PSY Makes All Our Gangnam Dreams Come True With His Promise To Write Next Single In English

Who's Ready For Gangnam Style In English?

PSY and his Gangnam-styled good looks are making the dreams of every American fan come true. The galloping rapper announced that he will record his next single in English, ensuring that devout K-poppers in the US will have more than the words "Ehh sexy baby" to look forward to.

According to an interview with the BBC, PSY began work on the song this week. But writing a follow-up with the same viral punch as his breakout dance video -- in a foreign language no less -- has proved more difficult than you'd think.

"It's too much pressure to overcome Gangnam Style," he lamented to the BBC. "It's really hard."

We can imagine. The YouTube phenomenon has clicked in at 350 million views and counting, a fete matched only by ornery British babies and boyfriends of Selena Gomez. Good thing PSY recently signed with Justin Bieber-backed Schoolboy Records.

Still, the Gangnam powerhouse is hesitant to solely rely on the internet gods that be. "The problem is my music video is more popular than I am," he admitted. "That's a big problem for me right now, so I've got to overcome my music video first. I've got to come to the UK, I've got to go everywhere to promote myself, who I am and what I've done for 12 years in Korea."

Well, we wish you luck Mr. Park Jae Sang. Let us know what you think of PSY's decision in the comments section. And check out a guide to all things Gangnam in the slideshow below.

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