PSY On 'Gentleman' Video Premiere: 'My Only Goal Was To Avoid Being Called A One-Hit Wonder'

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It was the worst of times, it was the best of times for PSY.

The South Korean YouTube sensation recently sat down with MTV News to describe what the debut of his "Gangnam Style" follow-up felt like, calling the week of its release "hell."

PSY outlined the week before his "Gentleman" video premiered on April 12: He shot the video on Monday and Tuesday and then spent Wednesday through Friday editing it while also learning choreography for an arena show he was set to perform at on Sunday. Oh, and in between that, the video premiered on Saturday.

"So that week was like the worst time ever in my life," PSY explained.

Those "worst" sentiments likely dissipated quickly, seeing as "Gentleman" continued PSY's track of being unbelievably popular on the Internet. The video collected a whopping 22 million YouTube hits within its first 24 hours of existence. Then, on April 22, YouTube announced that PSY had bested another record on the site by surpassing the single-day viewing total of 30 million, previously held by the "KONY 2012" video. PSY collected 38 million views on "Gentleman" in one day. It has since gone on to rack up 244 million hits and counting, assuaging PSY's initial fears of becoming a flash in the pan.

"I honestly changed this song so many times until the very last moment. I was not excited, I was terrible; I was so nervous," he said. "My only goal was to avoid being called a one-hit wonder. So that was a very nervous moment right before the premiere. And in two weeks, with 230 million views, I'm not a one-hit wonder. I'm really happy and relieved about that."



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