Psy Loves The Ohio University Marching Band's 'Gangnam Style' Tribute

Psy is well aware of the many tributes, remakes and parodies of his hit song "Gangnam Style" circulating the Internet, and the Herald Sun in Australia reports the K-Pop superstar may have found his favorite.

''Some college football team at half time, they did some marching band, playing this music and suddenly they stopped marching and they put their instrumentals down and they are dancing my dances at the football field," Psy told the Herald Sun, referring to Ohio University's marching band.

''That was like wow, I can tell their effort to prepare that. That was huge," Psy said. "It's so touching for me, that's what music is all about and that's what entertaining is all about.'"

The Marching 110 has a reputation for working popular chart-toppers into its routine: They did a version of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" last year.

"Gangnam Style" parodies have been popping up around the country and the globe. The Independent reports on one version gaining traction in the United Kingdom at Eton College:

The stars of the video claim Etonians are "frustrated, lonely and insecure", and mock the prestigious establishment's educational heritage. "There's college library there, we got originals from Rousseau and his mate Voltaire, And there just sitting there ('cause we don't care)," they rap, wearing their robes and sunglasses. They poke fun at their toff reputation, saying they drink "Moet at a hundred pounds a bottle… just like water."

Watch the Ohio University marching band's remake above, or the "Eton Style" video below, "a hearty gift from the lads over at jolly old Eton to you."