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The news is stressful. Leadership wobbly, to say the least, and we are all fearful.

There are many seers, readers, or “helpful” people that can tilt your mood and energy in a negative direction merely by a word or suggestion. This is particularly true for sensitive people. Consider the following:

“Your chart is so afflicted you should just do the best you can in this lifetime.”

“Are you saying I am cursed?”

“That’s an old fashioned way of describing it but I think it is best not to have false hopes.”

Give me a break !!!! This is a conversation that a client reported to me. I was appalled and also stupefied when I looked at her chart and saw difficulties but not hopelessness and certainly not a cursed chart.

I make predictions for a living. Astrologers, psychics, numerologists and channellers use a variety of ways to answer the question what will happen or more broadly what is a person’s fate. It’s a big responsibility and neither the person seeking help nor the person predicting should take this relationship lightly.

The mind is a powerful filter and receives more messages than we can count. There are conscious messages through words but also subtle and subliminal communications through bio rhythms, body language, energy manipulation or energy transfer. Seers frequently have a high energy vibration and this can be used to help people in ways science does not explain. The question for the seeker to ascertain is does the practitioner use his vision to gain power over people or to be helpful and supportive to clients?

When a councilor renders judgement of utter doom and gloom and mentions a cursed chart this is a psychic attack as harmful to the psyche as a stab wound is to the body. First off it is incorrect. There is no such thing as a cursed chart. There are difficult charts and we know that some people have difficult lives but the chart always shows the way of hope. It shows where we can concentrate our energy to improve or sometimes endure a situation. Secondly, such a statement gives the client hopelessness and powerlessness over which he or she ostensibly has no control. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. The client gave away her power in believing the seer and the reader was more than willing to dominate her in a negative way. This can also happen with wildly optimistic predictions that enflame hopes and then burst bubbles if such wonderful events do not come to pass. Beware the extremes.

People often say to me—“tell me the truth, don’t hold anything back.” Sometimes, when I see good news and good times coming up clients don’t believe me. They are awaiting the bad news and cancel out anything else due to fear.

We are not in control of everything that happens to us and a chart cannot necessarily describe, warn, or predict everything. We can however make things easier and let life flow by paying attention to the talents and challenges our chart offers us. Even with the most difficult planetary patterns and situations there are rays of light that promise solutions and better times.

When you visit any occult councilor or healer keep your wits about you. Many astrologers or psychics have talents to see but few have talents to communicate their knowledge in ways that a client can accept and learn from. And the only point in consulting a person who can read subtle energies is to strengthen your own path, abilities, feelings, or actions.

If a chart says a person has a tendency for wild behavior, drugs, and drinking then the astrologers should warn but not fatalistically predict dire events. The tendency is there. “These are the times that are most stressful.” “Here are some way to alleviate the stress.” This is a helpful reading that does not rob a person of power but assists in developing self-control and knowledge. Let occult wisdom guide you not dominate morbid fears or inflated hopes.

When times are tough the best course is to use your logic and intuition. A good astrologer or seer can assist in this and give guidance at many different levels. The most important quality for this time period is buoyancy

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