'Psychic' Bus Driver Fired For Refusing To Pick Up School Kids

Bet he never saw this coming: An allegedly psychic bus driver in Dundee, Scotland, has been fired after refusing to pick up some school kids.

The unidentified driver told his bosses that he had a good reason for leaving the kids by the side of the road. Apparently, he is clairvoyant and sensed that something would go wrong if he didn’t keep driving, the Daily Record reported.

Apparently, he had no such premonition about his job prospects. His employer, National Express, fired him after learning about the situation and the reasoning behind it, the Evening Telegraph reported.

The driver plans to appeal the decision, but didn't tell the paper if it would be successful.

Predictably, school officials such as Stewart Hunter, the Dundee City Council’s education convener, are happy with the company's decision to fire the driver.

“It’s important for kids to be able to get to school on time. If the bus doesn’t stop then that’s something that would concern me," he told the Express. "It’s good National Express has taken action and I’m sure they would be concerned too about kids not being picked up.”

The driver's decision to ignore one of the most basic tenets of his job -- picking people up -- is being ridiculed by many, but he is getting some support from fellow alleged clairvoyants, Ewan Irvine, a spiritual medium at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh.

“Although I don’t know much about the case itself, it is entirely possible that the man had a psychic sense something bad was going to happen," Irvine told Deadline News. “Speaking from personal experience, I know that when I get that weird, edgy feeling, I normally listen to it because it means something is going to happen, whether it be good or bad.

“Rather be safe than sorry."



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